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31 Aug 2017

Added Burton Overy Dancers’ Sept to Dec 2017 programme to the Dance Clubs page.

18 Aug 2017

EFDSS Leicestershire & Rutland District AGM will be on 18 September 2017: 8.00pm at Memorial Hall, Stamford Road, Glenfield, LE38DL; dancing at 7.30pm

15 Aug 2017

Added more information about upcoming Burton Overy Dancers’ events to the What’s On page.

6 July 2017

Added Loughborough FDC’s Autumn 2017 programme to the Dance Clubs page

26 Mar 2017

Added  invitation to the Jerusalem Jammers Open Day on Saturday 30 Sept 2017 to the What’s On page and updated dates for public participation on the Maypole page.

6 Mar 2017

Added Quorn FDC Playford Style Ball on Saturday, 11 November 2017, to the What’s On page.

3 Mar 2017

Updated the Notes on Public Liability Insurance for 2017 on The Administration page

This page last updated on 15 September, 2017